Thursday, May 29, 2008

Welcome Back to Me !!!!

Well hello all been along time since i posted and started trouble. But been very busy with building sites to help you all locate Used Auto Parts at Great prices.. I have also built a website called this site will help you locate a Auto Salvage Yard in your Zip Code or around your area.. It also gives you some input as to what the Auto Wrecker has and what they deal with.. It will show you who they are Affiliated with as far as State or local businesses. It has been a great tool for people trying to locate a Salvage yard near then for Auto Parts, for there Cars, trucks or vans,suv's.. So next time to need info on a local salvage yard go check them out there.. And if you know of any Auto Wreckers not listed in the database PLEASE let them know about it and also tell them its FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE...

Thanks Talk Soon

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Some Automotive Facts

Did you know that virtually 99% of all scrap steel generated by Toyota plants is now recycled...

Daimler Chrysler recycles over 186,500 tons of cardboard,paper,plastic,aluminum,wood and steel a year.

GM also retured over 8 tons of old paint not used to vendors for recycling....

Did you also know that after about 7 years at top spot the color silver was been knocked out by White/ White Pearl. Thats what DuPont tells us, But thats in Japan & Mexico right now... They are also saying it a trend setter. But dont forget that Black Metallics and other color effects will increase in popularity so they say...

I find this info very interesting and want to hear from some of you about it...

Thanks and Have a Good Easter and God Bless

Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Cars and The Backyard Mechanic

Years ago when the cars were simple to work on. There was what we called THE BACKYARD Mechanics or weekend mechanics.. These guys could remove,replace or repair anything. As a Counterman in those days we would look forward to a Saturday. That day would make up for the whole week. Whether you had a good or bad week that saturday pulled you out.. We would have customers lining up outside for anything from Motors,transmissions to Body parts likes fenders,doors,hoods and whatever else they could fix. You could drive down the blocks and see cars being fixed in backyards or in driveways on ramps or blocked up. Those were the Best days in the Auto Salvage Business. Today with 99% of the cars built with computers you need to be a Computer wizard to try it.. Just look under the hood of most of the cars and its a nightmare !! The engine dont even look like a engine anymore.. The big 3 and so on made it so hard to repair our own cars,That the Backyard and Weekend Mechanic are All gone... The days we could fix and replace body parts are also gone.. This is also killing our business and making it harder for us to sell parts and make a living.. I wish those days to come back !!! Just a little venting Thanks for reading.. If you have anything to add PLEASE do....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Edwards Takes The Auto Club 500 !!!!

Well after sundays wreck fest and rain-out which took out some good cars. Nascar Stops Sundays race at lap 87 and finishes the race monday. Which it was sunny skies and a somewhat dry track.. Here is a Quote from Edwards that was Posted on

"The track was a little bit different," Edwards said of the conditions on Monday. "It was fun to race here in the sun. ... If we have a 55-hour red flag, we're still going to go out there and race as hard as possible. We've all had to wait through rain delays when the anxiety builds up.

"I was lucky that [Johnson] was a little bit loose, because it would have been really, really tough to get by him if he wasn't loose."

I didnt get to see the race and dont want to give my opinion on it. But from what i read and seen i really didnt miss much.... Well after all the Bull we have a new Points Leader goin into this week.. #18 Kyle Busch by 3 points..
Well here is the finsih for the Auto Club 500 at Fontana Speedway...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a Finish !!!!

Well thats was one of the Best Daytona 500 i have seen in a long time.. Close racing good Drafting and some good bumping and as we all know, BUMPING IS RACING !!!!! I am sure everyone who watched the race enjoyed it, I know i did.. I could'nt wait for the 1 thing i love the must and was waiting for and that was CRANK-IT-UP !! Boy the windows were Rockin in my house... But the wife didnt like it at all... LOL I think this year will bring us some great racing at all tracks. I felt the cars were very equal and now its time for the drivers to show there skill. I did some racing in my time and could tell you they had there hands full in those cars and you could see them sometimes really working the wheel. But for the most part they ALL did a great job.. Well here are some of the other awards given to Drivers of the Race...

Coors Light Pole: Jimmie Johnson,#48, Lowe's, ChevroletDIRECTV
Crew Chief of the Race: Greg Zipadelli,#20, The Home Depot, ToyotaDow Automotive "Strategic Call of the Race": Tony Stewart,#20, The Home Depot, ToyotaEA Sports
Move of the Race: Tony Stewart,#20, The Home Depot, Toyota
Goodyear Gatorback Fastest Lap: Kyle Busch,#18, M&M's, Toyota
Mobil 1 Command Performance Driver of the Race: Ryan Newman,#12, ALLTEL, DodgeMoog Chassis Parts Problem Solver of the Race: Kurt Busch,#2, Miller Lite,
DodgeRaybestos Rookie of the Race: Sam Hornish Jr.,#77, Mobil 1, DodgeSunoco Diamond Performance: Ryan Newman,#12, ALLTEL, Dodge
USG Improving the Finish Award: Elliott Sadler,#19,
Best Buy, DodgeWIX Filters Lap Leader: Kyle Busch,#18, M&M's, Toyota
Average Speed: 152.672 mph
Margin of Victory: .092
Time of Race: 03:16:30
Lead Changes: 42
Cautions: 81-84, 152-155, 162-165, 178-180, 185-187, 190-192, 196-197

For Finishing Order go to

Now lets get reay for California !!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Daytona 500 "Who will win ????"

As you all my see or figure out i am a True Blooded Nascar Fan.. And i will always be a Dale Earnhardt Sr. Fan.. He will always be the man and i will always be the fan !!! That day for alot of us was the worst day in Nascar History and for us too. I still to this day miss seeing the Balck 3 coming out of pit road.. I still sometimes loook to see were he is starting... Then it kicks in... Alot has been changed since that day abd i feel Nascar was done a Great Job to this point making the cars safer for the drivers. But i guess we will see what this year brings us all with the new COT Cars. If you watched this passed Sunday Night The BUD SHOOTOUT that was 1 of the Best Races i have seen in a long time.. The banging,Rubbing, pushing,, Thats Racing !!!!! Look like a Saturday Night Short Track Race, But on a Large Scale.... So Lets Get a Pole Going for this Sunday's Daytona 500..


Post your Pick !!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Need a Place Near Home ???

The Guys at U Need A Part have put together a Great Online Tool for All to use. Its a Used Parts Dealer Locator service. You can go to this site and Search for a place near you. It's a cool service if your looking for a Salvage Yard close to you and it also gives info about the Yard with Phone Numbers,Website and what they Specialize in.. There are many ways to look them up, First way is Zip Code or you can do a Advance Search and Locate by Area Code. They have Categories so you can refine your search even better. If you Own your Own business and want to be Listed on this site Just Add yourself its very Easy !!! One Great thing about this site is it is Up To Date ALL dealers are Checked from time to time to make sure the info about there company is updated. I feel this site will be a very good tool for alot of people to help them locate Salvage Yards close to them that maybe they didnt know were there. This is something you need to add to your Favorites !!!!